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The Dean Martin Show - DVD Releases Coming for 'The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast'

These reunion specials get a new life on DVD courtesy of StarVista (formerly Time-Life)

Posted by David Lambert
The original variety show version of The Dean Martin Show lasted on NBC from 1965 to 1974, but as the network cancelled the program they still wanted to have Dino and his celeb friends appear on their network from time to time. This gave rise to a series of more than 50 specials airing over the course of the next decade, originally still marketed as "The Dean Martin Show," but which is best remembered by all as "The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast." These have previously been released on DVD through direct marketer Guthy-Renker, but now it appears that there will be DVDs of the Roast shows which will be more generally available!

Amazon has added release listings for Dean Martin Celebrity Roast ($12.95 SRP; 180 minutes) and also Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Collector's Edition ($59.95 SRP; 1080 minutes). Both show a release date of September 24th, and can be pre-ordered right away at a discount. Details and package art for these items haven't been posted there yet, nor have we received an official studio announcement for them either.

Amazon's listings currently show the studio name as "Wea-Des Moines Video" (which is the way the big e-tailer often lists the Warner Music Group and their subsidiaries, such as Rhino), but from what we've discerned the actual studio will be StarVista Entertainment (which is the company name that Time-Life Entertainment is in the process of switching over to); the same organization currently releasing DVDs for The Dean Martin Show. Stay tuned and we'll try to bring you updates about these two new items, as further developments occur!

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