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Daniel Boone - Press Release & 3-D Package Art for the 6th and Final Season on DVD

All the formal details about this November 18th release!

Posted by David Lambert
Daniel Boone - Season 6 box art

Order Daniel Boone - Season 6 from


Liberation Entertainment Proudly Presents

Daniel Boone: The Final Season

Season 6 of Iconic Television Series
Available on DVD for the First Time!

Locked in the Vaults Since 1970, This Timeless, Emmy-Nominated Family Classic,
Digitally Restored and Remastered, in Stores Nationwide Nov. 18th

"Wholesome family entertainment. Exciting stories that teach tolerance and basic humanity." - New York Times

"An American hero played by an American icon." - San Francisco Chronicle

LOS ANGELES - Locked in the vaults since 1970, the sixth and final season of the timeless, Emmy Award-nominated family classic Daniel Boone is available Nov. 18 on DVD for the first time ever, from Liberation Entertainment (RYKO Distribution).

Daniel Boone (1734-1820) was a pioneer, hunter and militia officer during the Revolutionary War whose frontier exploits made him one of the first American folk heroes, most famous for blazing the wilderness trail and his exploration and settlement of Kentucky.

From 1964-1970, families religiously gathered on Thursday nights to watch this beloved NBC television drama, thrilling to the opening strains of the theme song...Daniel Boone was a man. Yes, a big man! With an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he! With a commitment to social consciousness, the hour-long show's weekly theme was frequently inspired by real-life historical figures and events.

Daniel Boone: The Final Season (1969-70) stars Fess Parker as Daniel Boone, Patricia Blair as his wife Rebecca, Darby Hinton as their son Israel, Dal McKennon as Cincinnatus, who runs the Boonesborough trading post and tavern; and future sausage king Jimmy Dean, who had the #1 hit, Grammy Award-winning song "Big Bad John" in 1961 (Dean also played two other characters earlier in the series). Also with a recurring role in season six is former NFL defensive lineman, Christian minister and actor Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier as Gabe Cooper, a Black slave who escaped captivity to live with the Indians.

Daniel Boone: The Final Season also features a renowned list of guest stars in 22 episodes, including a future Oscar winner, a who's who of impending stars of sitcoms and other popular TV dramas; sports and music celebs.

Making appearances in the sixth season are: Jodie Foster, who makes one of her earliest acting appearances; country music singer Roger Miller; heavyweight boxing champ Floyd Patterson; soap star Marj Dusay; Leon Askin, Hogan's Heroes; Richard Kiel, "Jaws" in the James Bond films; Jill Ireland; Ed Flanders, St. Elsewhere; Will Geer, The Waltons; Bernard Fox, "Dr. Bombay," Bewitched and Col. Crittendon, Hogan's Heroes; James Doohan, "Chief Engineer Scott," Star Trek; NFL all-pro defensive lineman Alex Karras, Webster and Blazing Saddles; Strother Martin, "The Captain," Cool Hand Luke; Mary Fickett, "Nurse Ruth Martin," All My Children; Isabel Sanford, "Louise Jefferson," The Jeffersons; popular 1920-1930s jazz singer Ethel Waters; Jack Albertson, "Ed Brown," Chico and the Man; Mike Henry, "Junior," Smokey and the Bandit films; Lori Saunders, "Bobbi Jo Bradley," Petticoat Junction; Elizabeth Baur, "Officer Fran Belding," Ironside; Ruth Warrick, All My Children; and soap star Robin Mattson.

Daniel Boone: The Final Season is presented full screen with an aspect ratio of 4x3 (1.33:1). Special features include round table discussion with cast and fans; photo gallery; and Web links.

Based in Los Angeles with an office in London, Liberation Entertainment is a leading independent global distributor of visual content. Launched in 2006 by influential media entrepreneur Jay Boberg, with the financial backing of media and communications private-equity firm Clarity Partners LP, Liberation Entertainment owns the rights to a wide variety of premium audio-visual content, including independent and feature films, classic television, CGI animation, music and lifestyle programming. With unmatched expertise at worldwide television sales and domestic and international DVD distribution, Liberation Entertainment continues to grow as a compelling force in the global entertainment market. To learn more, visit

Daniel Boone: The Final Season (7 discs)
Liberation Entertainment (RYKO Distribution)
Running Time: Approx. 22 Hours (Plus Approx. 20 Minutes Special Features)
Suggested Retail Price: $49.95
Street Date: November 18, 2008

- Episode List -

A Very Small Rifle (1969) - Johnny Appleseed acts as a peacemaker between the settlers and the Cherokee when a young Cherokee is accidentally shot by a young settler.

The Road to Freedom (1969) - Israel helps slaves George and Jimmy Hill escape from their owners.

Benvenuto...Who? (1969) - Josh becomes involved once again with a scheming woman who hides a stolen diamond inside his guitar to keep her cohorts in crime from finding it.

The Man (1969) - Daniel must disable a British cannon which threatens to sink a Patriot detachment coming up river. He enlists the help of Gabe Cooper, a former slave and now the Tuscaroran Chief Canawahchaquaoo, who reluctantly agrees to help.

The Printing Press (1969) - Daniel and Israel travel to Philadelphia to obtain much-needed supplies for the Kentucky settlers but the British have decreed supplies be bought with currency. Daniel gets old friend Benjamin Franklin to print up a batch of counterfeit notes, but this method doesn't seem very ethical to young Israel.

The Traitor (1969) - Daniel guides the wife of a British commander to Fort Detroit to rendezvous with her husband who says he plans to surrender the fort to the Continentals.

The Grand Alliance (1969) - The Spaniards are planning an invasion of U.S. territory. Only Josh Clements, Gabe Cooper and a Spanish pirate with a grudge against his government can save the day. Heaven help us all.

Target Boone (1969) - Adam Jarrett and his sons are after Daniel's hide. They blame him for the death of Adam's wife in a river boat accident which involved a boat on which Daniel was traveling.

A Bearskin for Jamie Blue (1969) - The Boones befriend young Jamie Blue, a young indentured servant who was born in prison and has been hardened by a lifetime of living in poverty. Can they melt Jamie's heart of stone?

The Cache (1969) - Josh is headed for Kentucky's highest hanging tree when a trapper is found knifed to death near his campsite. Even Daniel might not be a big enough man to get him out of this entanglement.

The Terrible Tarbots (1969) - When Solomon, Shadrach, and Meshach Tarbot steal the chest of Army gold that Daniel and Gabe are transporting, they also take Israel as hostage.

Hannah Comes Home (1969) - Hannah, a white woman captured by Indians in a raid 15 years before, is ransomed and returned to her husband in Boonesborough. The reunion is complicated by the fact that Hannah gave birth to a son during her captivity and he wants no part of the white man's world.

An Angel Cried (1970) - Josh once again finds himself in a full-blown mess as he and a Catholic nun try to stay alive in hostile Native American territory.

Perilous Passage (1970) - Daniel and Gabe are joined by young Sam Weaver on their way home-ward from a mission behind British lines. The only problem is there's a bounty on their heads and someone appears to know the exact location of the route they're traveling back to Kentucky.

The Sunshine Patriots (1970) - Josh and Gabe bumble, stumble and fumble their way through a spy mission in Williamsburg.

Mama Cooper (1970) - Gabe finds evidence that his mother is still alive and vows to find her and buy her freedom.

Before the Tall Man (1970) - Daniel and Rebecca are at it again playing matchmaker to hot tempered carpenter Tom Lincoln and idealistic Nancy Hanks. Tom wants nothing to do with Nancy … But if the two don't get together, a great American leader will not be born.

Run for the Money (1970) - It's time for the annual footrace between the settlers and the Native Americans. Since Daniel has gotten a little long in the tooth for cross country running, Cincinnatus must find another candidate. Fleet-footed slave Lucas Hunter agrees … But Lucas' brother will be running for the Native Americans.

A Matter of Vengeance (1970) - Mason Pruitt is convinced that a visitor to Boonesborough is the killer of his parents.

The Landlords (1970) - Ess and Bingen mistake someone else's cache of furs for their own and then are swindled by a man who claims ownership of Boonesborough and sells them the deed.

Readin', Ritin' and Revolt (1970) - The children of Boonesborough want schoolmaster Pickering to teach them about Native American culture, but their request is opposed by both the teacher and their parents.

Noblesse Oblige (1970) - An exiled Prince of France changes places with his chief because he's growing tired of the fawning receptions everywhere he goes.

The Homecoming (1970) - An old man discovers that he is the last of the Piqua tribe, which once lived in the area where Boonesborough now stands, and plots to avenge the demise of his people.

Bringing Up Josh (1970) - Josh Clements is in a spot once again when he becomes foster father to a pair of orphans. Widow Mary Spoon has had her sights set on marrying Josh for quite a while and insists that he cannot raise the two children properly without a mother figure-namely her.

How to Become a Goddess (1970) - The Onondaga tribe mistakes Rebecca for a fabled red-haired goddess in their folklore.

Israel and Love (1970) - It's first love for Israel who falls for the daughter of a woodcarver who has lost his inspiration to carve and is drowning himself with false shots of courage at the local crawl and fall.

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