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China Beach - Update About the Individual Season 1 DVD Set Contents

Amazon has temporarily taken down their listing, but the item's still in the works

Posted by David Lambert
Yesterday we reported that StarVista Entertainment (formerly Time Life Entertainment) has scheduled an individual release of China Beach - Season 1 on DVD for October 1st, according to an pre-order listing. Since then that listing has been removed; we're told it was prematurely added to the big e-tailer and that the studio wasn't ready to accept pre-orders quite yet. It will be re-listed at Amazon once the item is formally announced.

In the meantime, our contacts at StarVista/TimeLife have cleared up one thing for us about the separate season set: it will be a 3-DVD package, just like the way Season 1 is found inside the Complete Collection already sold at there will be two discs with all the episodes from the short first season, and a bonus disc that includes Featurettes "How it All Began" and the "Highlights From the 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion." So all of that will be available at retail.

However, what we are told will NEVER be available with the season set releases are the final 2 DVDs from the 21-disc Complete Collection set. Those two discs have the full range of extras from the 25th Anniversary Reunion (in L.A. on December 12, 2012). These consist of the "Reflections" Featurette; Discussions on "Origins," "The Legacy," and "China Beach and the Vietnam War"; Interviews (Michael Boatman, Brian Wimmer, Jeff Kober, John Sacret Young, Nancy Giles, Concetta Tomei, Troy Evans, and Chloe Webb); and Speeches of Cast and Crew Recollections. To get those two discs filled with the wonderful look-back that fans will truly want to own, and to enjoy the entire run of the show right now, you can order the complete series set. Don't forget that a plan is available there to allow you pay in installments!

But if you still prefer the season sets, StarVista will accommodate you so please stay tuned for the formal announcement.

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