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The Bold Ones: The Protectors - Leslie Nielsen Stars in 'The Complete Series' on DVD

Hari Rhodes co-stars in this Timeless/Shout! release coming in September

Posted by David Lambert
    The Protectors stars Leslie Nielsen as Sam Danforth, the deputy chief of police in a volatile California city. He is a conservative law and order type who is brought in from Cleveland to try to keep the lid on, but often is at odds with the city's idealistic, liberal black DA, William Washburn played by Hari Rhodes.

    The Bold Ones series were well known for being some of the best television ever produced; bringing together highly skilled craftsmen to create programs that were a cut about the rest and The Protectors was no exception.

    The pilot movie, "Deadlock," was produced by William Sackheim ("The Law") and directed by Lamont Johnson ("That Certain Summer"), Emmy winner Daryl Duke ("Payday," "The Senator") directed three of the six episodes, Vilmos Zsigmond ("Close Encounters of the Third Kind") was the cinematographer, bringing a big screen look to the series, and top notch guest stars including Edmond O'Brien, Charles Aidman, James Broderick, John Rubinstein, Robert Drivas and Louise Sorel pumped up the stories with a powerful dramatic flair.

    The lack of background music, the soundtrack just being the din of the city and offices where it took place, really grounded the show with a realism that was unmatched at the time.
Long before he was a funny cop in 1982's Police Squad! series or its Naked Gun spin-off film franchise, Leslie Nielsen took police work seriously as "Sam Danforth" in 1969's The Bold Ones: The Protectors - The Complete Series, coming to DVD September 15th from Shout! Factory-owned Timeless Media Group.

Earlier this year Shout!/TMG announced another series from the "umbrella program" NBC ran beginning in 1969, The Bold Ones, with the upcoming release (two weeks from today) of the complete series of The Senator. Now they're announcing a follow up, with the complete series of The Protectors, a 2-DVD set running $34.99, that's available beginning September 15th.

Here's the package art, along with a pre-order button link to buy your copy from Shout!'s online store:

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The Bold Ones: The Protectors - The Complete Series

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