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Beany & Cecil (Matty's Funday Funnies) - 10 Years Later, a Beany & Cecil - Special Edition: Vol. 2 with 11 New-to-DVD Cartoons, plus Extras!

Single-disc release from Hen's Tooth Video coming in early September

Posted by David Lambert
It's been a decade - yup, 10 years! - since Image Entertainment released Beany And Cecil: The Special Edition on DVD. That discontinued title is hard to find, and can easily command over a hundred dollars on the used DVD circuit. But now fans can rejoice, because there are more cartoons coming at long last!

Hen's Tooth Video, an independent studio known for DVD releases of Pippi Longstocking, Dot and the Kangaroo, Groove Tube and more, is putting together a new single-disc release that picks up on the heels of Image's offering, with the title Beany And Cecil - The Special Edition, Volume 2. This disc will include 11 classic cartoons (some in black-and-white, and some in color), all new-to-DVD, and all remastered from the original 35mm camera negatives. Those 11 will have both English and Spanish soundtracks. There will also be bonus materials, detailed below (note that those will be English-only).

Running time is approx. 200 minutes, and the cost is $24.95 SRP. You can pre-order it for less at the Amazon button link below. The release date is September 8th. Our thanks to all of the readers who wrote in, beginning a week ago, to alert us to the Amazon listing, and also to the folks at Hen's Tooth for providing the details. We apologize that it took us a few days to have time to get this story posted; it's been busy around here! We've got the studio description for you just below, followed by the detailed list of contents, then the front box art:
    Beany and Cecil fans rejoice! Bob Clampett's fabulously popular duo is back in this second volume of classic cartoons from the 60s TV series. Join Beany and his pal Cecil the seasick sea serpent aboard the Leakin' Lena, along with Captain Huffenpuff and that most dastardly of villians, Dishonest John. Nyah..ah..ah! Whether you are new to the series or just revisiting old friends, there's something for everyone in The Beany and Cecil Show!

  • Invasion of Earth by Robots
  • Davey Cricket
  • Strange Objects
  • The Capture of Tear-a-Long the Dotted Lion
  • Cecil Meets Cecilia
  • Beany and Cecil Meet Ping Pong
  • Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
  • Beany's Beany-Cap Copter
  • Malice in Blunderland
  • Here Comes the Shmoe Boat
  • Ben Hare
  • Bonus/Extras:
    • Bonus Cartoon: "Park at the Top of the Stars"
    • Alternate Version of "Beanyland"
    • Time For Beany
    • The Lost Work
    • Bob Clampett and Friends
    • And more!
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Beany And Cecil: The Special Edition, Volume 2

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