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Batman - 'Unlimited' Blu-ray Set for 'The Complete Television Series' is Scheduled!

Coming down the Bat-poles just in time for Christmas, according to Amazon

Posted by David Lambert
This past November 11th (last week, on Tuesday), Warner Home Video released the legendary 1966 Batman series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, in its entirety. The program's 3 seasons (including a second season twice as long as the first or the third!) were not only put out on DVD, but also on a DYNAMIC! Limited Edition Blu-ray set, which sells for $269.97 SRP in the USA and CA$299.99 SRP in Canada. That Limited Edition set in high-def BD format included special numbered packaging (95,000 copies in all) that comes with an exclusive Hot Wheels replica Batmobile, the Adam West Scrapbook, and 44 vintage trading cards.

Ever since Warner announced it this past summer, fans have been complaining that they would like the Blu-ray version...but in a less expensive set, without the "goodies" (Batmobile, scrapbook, and cards), and in packaging that is more "shelf-friendly." Well, my got it! Warner hasn't formally announced it yet, but (the Canadian branch) has added a pre-order listing for Batman - The Complete Television Series on Blu-ray Disc, in an "unlimited" version of the packaging! AND, according to that listing, it will be available in time for Christmas, with a December 16th release date!

According to the package art, front and back (see below) that is showing, you'll get the same 13 discs, with the same on-disc bonus material. Amazon's listing also says "UV," indicating that the UltraViolet digital copies will still be included with the set. The rear box art also shows that the episode guide booklet will still be in the package, too. It seems that the only missing items will be the Batmobile Hot Wheels replica, the Adam West scrapbook, and the vintage playing cards (and the oversize package, of course). Price there is CA$259.99 SRP, a CA$40 list price savings over the Limited Edition cost in Canada.

What about State-side? Well, the USA branch for also shows a listing for this item, displaying a list price of $239.99 SRP ($30 MSRP less than the BLU LE version). The issue with's entry is that they have a typo there, saying that the release date is "Nov. 11"...same as the version that's already out. Clearly that's a mistake, but it's one that let you "pre-order" as much as it lets you "back-order," since that listing claims the title is "Temporarily out of stock." Go ahead and order it anyway; Amazon can't ship it until they get stock on December 16th...but that's just 3-and-a-half weeks away. BAT-RIFFIC!

Batman - The Complete Television Series (unlimited Blu-ray version)

Batman - The Complete Television Series (unlimited Blu-ray version)

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