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Batman - We've Looked Into Those Bat-Rumors; Here's What We Know So Far

No announcement coming at SDCC... as far as we know.

Posted by Gord Lacey
This is one of the rare non-news stories we have to post every so often, usually when fans become extremely hyped about a release that our sources tell us isn't coming. We hope the information we've been given is wrong, as we'd absolutely love to have this in our collections, but the evidence.

We started receiving emails earlier in the week from fans that had been hearing Warner Bros was going to make an announcement for the 1966 Batman series at Comic Con this week in San Diego. The rumors were fueled by the "show bag" given out at the San Diego Comic Con featuring images from the series, and "Warner Bros" along the spine. Some even said that there would be a promo disc in the bag featuring episodes from the series (there wasn't).

Batman SDCC Bag

More emails came yesterday when the image below started showing up on various Batman/DVD forums:

Batman Blu-ray mockup

That definitely looks like a professional job, and is a very attractive case for the complete series. Dave Lambert, our own "DVD Detective," managed to track down the origins of the art. The key art was created by Christopher Franchi at Metaluna 5 Media, a company that has a 2-decade history of designing artwork for pop culture, and their clients include Warner Bros, among others. The artwork was posted on their Facebook page on August 10, 2011. The artists are also Bat-fans, and - like many of us - wish to see the 1966 show on DVD, and even possibly Blu-ray Disc. The artwork posted above showing the Blu-ray sets was posted on September 24, 2012 (we had to crop the image to only show 2 out of the 3 boxes on the original post). The box is apparently an idea (a speculative one, we presume?) of what it might look like if Mataluna 5 Media was given the assignment to make up a package - using their litho design - of a Blu-ray Disc set they would call "Batman - The Complete Classic Television Series." On the spine is the same image (from the litho) of Batman and Robin, but with Batgirl added in. That Batgirl image was taken from a separate piece of artwork Christopher Franchi did, with a 2012 copyright. The artwork that started showing up on forums yesterday isn't new, and it shows no sign of being legit enough to convince us that an announcement of the 1966 Batman series, starring Adam West, is truly imminent.

Unfortunately all this hype appears to be caused by the previous deal that Warner Bros has done for merchandising rights for the Batman series (the bag was designed by Warner Bros., Worldwide Television Marketing), and the wonderful, but speculative artwork by Metaluna 5 Media. Also, the studios that have been connected to the show in the past have all told us they have no announcement to make regarding the series. We really hope we're wrong, but we're not expecting the series to be announced at the San Diego Comic Con this week.

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