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Batman: The Animated Series - Blu-ray Plans Revealed This Past Weekend at NY Comic Con!

Look for the remastered episodes from Warner sometime later in 2018

Posted by David Lambert
It's being widely reported that this past weekend, a representative of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment who "had the microphone at the time" at New York Comic Con, made the announcement that the studio is remastering Batman: The Animated Series for high-def Blu-ray Disc, with plans to release sometime in 2018. We've reached out to Warner and we've confirmed this info, and when we passed along several questions the fans have been asking, we were told, "That's all the information released so far."

Some fans tell us that they recollect how someone - several recall it being Bruce Timm himself (but we haven't found confirmation that he ever spoke regarding this) - said in the past that this program could not be remastered, for some reason or another. Warner ASSURES us that they are in the process of remastering Batman: The Animated Series right now. They won't speak to what resolution or aspect ratio to expect, since the remastering is a lengthy process, and they still have quite a way to go. And because of the long time involved, the studio still can't even speak to whether B:TAS will reach Blu-ray in the first half of 2018, or the second half (more likely the second, we would guess). But we're told that these episodes ARE being remastered.

Fans are also wondering if this is "regular" Blu-ray Disc, or 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc. Warner says that they don't have any answers right now beyond "Blu-ray" we are going to assume it's 1080p resolution, unless Warner tells us something different down the road. Also, we're informed that this is coming from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (as opposed to The Warner Archive Collection), so we expect this to be an in-store release, not an online-only "MOD"-style title. Of course, these plans aren't set in stone yet, and could change down the road as the studio finalizes things for Blu-ray Batman: TAS.

Fans have noted that on streaming services, a few episodes don't have the proper Batman: The Animated Series opening, but instead show the opening for the later "package" show, The New Batman/Superman Adventures. While our contact at Warner didn't address this directly, we will note that the previous DVD releases of B:TAS had the correct opening on every episode, and we don't expect anything different on Blu-ray Disc for this show.

It is FAR too early to know yet if Warner will release Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray all at once (i.e., as The Complete Animated Series) or first as individual sets (i.e., Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4: From The New Batman they did with the DVDs before releasing The Complete Animated Series later on). It is also FAR too early for Warner to speak on whether they have Blu-ray plans for other DC Animated Universe shows, such as Batman Beyond or Superman: The Animated Series.

Stay tuned, of course, and we'll update you about all of this, as further developments occur! Our thanks to the MANY readers who contacted us to make sure we were aware of this GREAT announcement from NYCC!

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