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Bates Motel - Guess What? Norman and Norma Are On the SAME 'Complete Series' Box!

Turns out that both son and mother are on the flip sides of the same 9/19 packages!

Posted by David Lambert
This past Monday, we showed off package art for Bates Motel - The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc. That item is coming to stores, on Blu-ray and DVD, on September 19th, along with Bates Motel - Season 5 in both formats on the same date.

At the time we showed off "two" packages: a Norman-image box and a Norma-image box. At the time, we assumed that these were two separate package choices, sold separately. We jumped to that conclusion because on both images, the left-side spine was identical (you can look at this in our previous news story, linked above).

Now Universal Home Video has distributed the DVD package art for The Complete Series, and distributed a revised version the Blu-ray artwork as well. We've got those for you below. With these, it's CLEAR that this is all one package, with Norman on the "front" side, and Norma on the "flip" side. We can tell, because in the new pictures the "Norma" side makes it evident that the Complete Series set is merely a slipcase, with the individual season sets slid into a side opening.

So there's no need to choose one version or the other, or to double up on the purchases just to get 'em all Simply pick your format (Blu-ray or DVD), and then you'll get BOTH Norman AND Norma on the same box! It's nice when things turn out to be this easy after all, isn't it?

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Bates Motel - The Complete Series

Bates Motel - The Complete Series

Bates Motel - The Complete Series

Bates Motel - The Complete Series

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