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Barney Miller - Here's Some TV-on-DVD News That's Sure to Surprise You!

Rumors of Barney Miller's Death Were Exaggerated

Posted by David Lambert
It's been almost 4 years since Sony released Barney Miller - The 1st Season on DVD, and fans have certainly chalked this show up as on that's been abandoned on DVD, and forgotten by the studio. Sony obviously hasn't forgotten about it over the years, though, because more episodes are coming out at long last!

We're grateful to one of our readers, Jon Umeda, for sending along the heads-up that a Barney Miller fan site run by Deb Wong has a link at the very tippy-top of the home page called "Getting Barney Miller On DVD." Clicking on that link reveals this bold-faced comment: "...I now have information that Season 2 will be released in 2008."

How true is that? Sony Pictures Home Entertainment would not speak to us on the record, saying that any titles would only be confirmed on their official announcement date. However, we dug around with our retail industry sources, and found out that several of our friends in the DVD-selling business had indeed received a heads-up that Barney Miller - The Complete 2nd Season is on the way at last!

The second season was made up of 22 half-hour episodes, so we figure that this is probably a 3-DVD set. The first episode of the season, "Doomsday," had a guest star by the name of Steve Landesberg. Yes, the same Steve Landesberg that would return in the 12th episode of the season, "Fish," in his new permanent role on the show as "Detective Sgt. Arthur Dietrich"! Other guest stars included David Doyle, Linda Lavin, Adam Arkin, Ray Sharkey, John LaMotta, Charlotte Rae, Jay Robinson, George Murdock, and Florence Halop.

We're expecting this to arrive in January 2008, but we didn't get a specific release date yet, or cost. We'll be back with that information, along with box art, just as soon as we can!

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