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Are You Afraid of The Dark? - Nickelodeon/Amazon CreateSpace DVDs of 'Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2'

3-disc MOD sets are in the works for U.S. fans of the show

Posted by David Lambert
    "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society..." it's three discs for three times the creepiness with Are Your Afraid of the Dark? Volume 1. Gather round the campfire as members of The Society reveal tales and legends practically guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies… like when Josh is trailed by the nose-less ghost of Zeebo the Clown, Amanda and Beth find a mirror to another world and a lone girl trapped inside, an out-of-this-world toy factory is found on the 13th floor of an abandoned building, a boy confronts The Headless Horseman, a girl discovers her friend has been turned into a doll, Zeke and Clorice are attacked by the Pool Zombie, a hospital worker's colleagues are turned into the walking dead, a famous movie monster comes alive, Kevin and Dougie try to make sense of a twisted, wish-granting gift and more! This Volume 1 Collection features over 6 hours of frightening legends, twisted tales and spooky stories that'll surely have your heart beating a mile a minute with fan-favorite episodes that include "The Tale of Old Man Corcoran," "The Tale of the Hatching," "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float" and more than 10 others.

    Then, Are You Afraid of the Dark? rises again in this 3-disc, Volume 2 Collection featuring the eerie tales of "The Midnight Society." Take your place around the campfire and toss a handful of midnight dust into the flames to bring the twisted tales of ghosts, goblins, curses, and more, to life! It's here you'll learn about the strange figures that appear before Marybeth when she dons a pair of "Super Specs," see if Ross can defeat a wicked witch, zombies, and a man who wants to be king - characters from a pinball machine that have come to life, discover the lesson an evil clown doll has for a nasty child, and reveal the evil that lurks in the Watcher's Woods. Plus, relive the frightful tales of children in a human zoo on an alien planet, a revenge-seeking fire ghost, a man who enters a house through the ceiling, two bitter enemies joined in battle against a ghostly librarian, dangerous virtual pets, and more, including "The Tale of the Phone Police," "The Tale of the Prom Queen," and "The Tale of the Renegade Virus!" It's over 6 hours of stories sure to keep you on the edge of your seat... if you dare!
From 2006 to 2008, all 7 seasons of Are You Afraid of The Dark? (both the first five seasons that began in 1991, and the two seasons from the 1999 revival series) were released on DVD in Canada. State-side fans of this Nickelodeon-aired show were able to import it, but now Nick is teaming up with Amazon's CreateSpace MOD (manufacture on demand) program to put out a pair of 3-disc sets in the not-too-distant future: Are You Afraid of The Dark? - Volume 1 and Are You Afraid of The Dark? - Volume 2 are both being prepared! An availability date hasn't been named yet, but cover art can be seen below, along with a pre-order button link. You can lock in a copy of each title at a $14.99 SRP list price. Our thanks to reader Michael J. Felix for the heads-up about these!

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Are You Afraid of The Dark? - Volume 1

Are You Afraid of The Dark? - Volume 2

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Are You Afraid of The Dark?

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