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24 - Fox to Release a Collectible 24 - Season 1: Special Edition Package

Extra Bonus Disc, Possible Tin Package Among the Details We're Hearing

Posted by David Lambert
For a while now, we've heard rumors that Fox would love to go back and do a nice Special Edition release of the first season of 24, which didn't get nearly as much bonus material as the subsequent season sets did: just an optional intro by star Kiefer Sutherland, and an alternate ending on the final episode. The reason for the low amount of extras was because the studio was hurrying to get it in stores, before the second season debuted. Earlier today we mentioned in another story that this is the normal release pattern for currently-airing shows. Well, Fox actually started this practice with 24! But the down side was a shortage of supplements on that 6-disc set. It's called out for an upgrade ever since!

Now we see from DVDEmpire that Fox is in the process of finally making this happen. A new pre-order listing has been added there for 24 - Season 1: Special Edition, shown to be a 7-DVD set due to arrive on May 20th. Price for the 1056-minute collection is listed as $59.98 SRP, but DVDEmpire's current pre-order charge to you is discounted to $42.58!

That's all the info shown there at this time, and Fox hasn't officially announced it yet. Figuring that info about this was already in the hands of retailers, we dug into our little black book of industry contacts and found someone who knows more about the contents.

In addition to the Kiefer intro and the alternate ending, there are now Commentary Tracks on selected episodes. We were told that there are definitely two tracks: one each on the first and last episodes for the first season. There may be more, but if so they aren't listed. Also, the new 7th disc is dedicated to just extras. There are a lot of Extended and Deleted Scenes on it (at least two dozen), plus some featurettes. We're not sure how long they run, or how many total featurettes there will be, but at least two will be on board: "The Genesis of 24" and "The Rookie."

This list of bonus material may not be complete. Also bear in mind that it is a preliminary list, and everything is subject to change. Still, it sounds great and for many fans of the show it will certainly motivate them to do the double dip. And if that's not convincing enough, the material our contact has speaks of collectible "tin" packaging.

We're still waiting on Fox Home Entertainment's own press announcement on this, but it sounds terrific so far! Stay tuned and we'll get official, finalized info for you just as soon as that formal announcement comes through. Until then, we'll be monitoring the situation here at the TSoD CTU.

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