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VEI Will Soon Bring Back 'The Complete Series' on DVD!
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The CBC Show's 'Season 1' is Scheduled for Canada
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We've Learned That PBS Slipped a New DVD Release Out, and Plans Another!
Shannara Chronicles, The
Paramount Provides Press Release for 'Season 2' on DVD, Blu
South Park
Official Studio Press Brief Brings Extras Info for 'The Complete 21st Season'
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The Complete 5th and Final Season

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News for September, 2017 - 74 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Game of Thrones Street Date and Cover Art for 'The Complete Seasons 1 to 7 Giftset' 9/29/2017
Inspector George Gently Release Date, Pricing for 'The Complete Collection' 9/29/2017
Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, A Season Up Your DVD Collection with 'Season 5'! 9/29/2017
Dink, the Little Dinosaur Box Cover Art Arrives for 'The Complete Series' on DVD 9/28/2017
Leftovers, The Specific Date and Pricing Now for 'The 3rd and Final Season'on Blu-ray 9/28/2017
Shots Fired (mini-series) DVDs for the Fox Event Series from Spring 2017 are Planned 9/28/2017
Stan Lee's Lucky Man Universal Announces 'Season 1' on DVD Late This Year! 9/27/2017
Acceptable Risk 'Series 1' of the Drama/Thriller is Coming to DVD and Blu-ray 9/27/2017
When Calls the Heart Official Press Release for 'Television Movie Collection: Year 4' 9/27/2017
Flipper First-Ever DVD and Blu-ray Releases for 'Season 3'! 9/26/2017
Orville, The Engage Quantum Drive! DVD Plans for Seth MacFarlane's 'Season 1' 9/26/2017
24: Legacy Press Release Officially Announces DVD: Date Confirmed, Finalized Package 9/26/2017
Berlin Station DVDs for the First Season of the 2016 Epix Original Series 9/26/2017
Carol Burnett Show, The A 6-DVD Retail Release of 'The Best Of: 50th Anniversary Edition' 9/25/2017
Saving Hope USA Date, Package Art for 'The Complete 5th Season' 9/25/2017
Fall, The 'The Complete Collection' Cover Art, on Blu-ray Disc and DVD 9/25/2017
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 'Tales of the Turtles V3: The Final Chapters' DVD Announced 9/22/2017
Fargo 'Year 3' Info Found: Release Date, Pricing, Early Package Art 9/22/2017
Sherlock Cover Art for the Upcoming Gift Set Shows a Startling New Title 9/22/2017
24: Legacy Possible Release Date Found Up North for the Short-Lived Spinoff 9/22/2017
Jamie Foxx Show, The Shazam! The Warner Archive Announces 'The Complete 4th Season' 9/21/2017
iZombie WBshop Now Lists 'The Complete 3rd Season' on Blu-ray 9/21/2017
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend It's A Date! The Studio Schedules 'The Complete 2nd Season' 9/21/2017
Dink, the Little Dinosaur 'The Complete Series' of the 1989 Ruby-Spears Cartoon! 9/21/2017
Zoo DVDs for 'Season 3' Are Announced by CBS/Paramount 9/20/2017
Orphan Black 'The Complete Series' Announced: Package Art, New Bonus Item! 9/20/2017
Rules of Engagement The Incomplete Series? Sony's 'Seasons 1-4 Collection' 9/20/2017
Movin' On Claude Akins Stars in 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' DVDs ***UPDATE: Purchase Links*** 9/20/2017
Family Guy Fox Official Press Release, Finalized Box Art, for 'Season 15' 9/19/2017
Dukes of Hazzard, The Get Them Good Ol' Boys in 'The Complete Collection' 9/19/2017
Super Force 'The Complete Collection' DVD Set for the 1990 Series 9/19/2017
Leftovers, The Update for 'The 3rd and Final Season' on Both DVD and Blu-ray 9/19/2017
Special Unit 2 'The Complete Series' DVDs Are Finally Scheduled by VEI 9/18/2017
Preacher Official DVD and Blu-ray Announcement for 'Season 2' from Sony 9/18/2017
Crown, The The Emmy-Winning 'Complete 1st Season' is Officially Announced! 9/18/2017
How to Marry a Millionaire 'Season 2' is Now Available on DVD! 9/18/2017
One Day at a Time Shout! Sent Us Their Official Press Release for 'The Complete Series' 9/15/2017
Walking Dead, The When Will 'The Complete 7th Season: Limited Edition' Walk the Streets? 9/15/2017
Outcast Release Date Revealed for 'Season 1' of the Cinemax Show 9/15/2017
Game of Thrones DRACARYS! Hot Press Release, Box Art Invades for 'The Complete 7th Season' 9/14/2017
Twin Peaks David Lynch Gives Us Peaks at the Release Date, Art for 'The 3rd Season' 9/14/2017
Librarians, The Possible Release Date this Autumn for 'Season 3' on DVD 9/14/2017
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series Two Single-Disc DVDs for the Cartoon Network Show 9/14/2017
Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour, The Official Warner Press Release for 5-DVD 'Porky Pig 101' Set 9/13/2017
Outlander Fans Still Wanting a 'Full Season 1' on DVD Format? It's Coming! 9/13/2017
Vietnam War, The (mini-series) Press Release for the Mini-Series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick 9/13/2017
Family Guy Return to Quahog this Fall for 'Season 15,' Amazon Says! 9/12/2017
Strain, The 'The Complete 4th Season' DVDs: Date, Cost, Package Art 9/12/2017
Good Place, The Official Studio Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' 9/12/2017
Humans Update, Including Extras, for '2.0: Uncut UK Edition' on DVD, Blu-ray 9/12/2017
Coach Delay Of Game! Mill Creek Sacks 'The Complete Series' for a 2-Week Loss! 9/11/2017
Friday Night Lights Penalty Flag! 2 Week Delay on 'The Complete Series' for DVD, Blu-ray 9/11/2017
Preacher Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 2': Date, Pricing, Cover Art 9/11/2017
Crown, The Claire Foy, John Lithgow, Matt Smith in 'Season 1' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 9/11/2017
Master, The Kino Lorber Reveals DVD and Blu-ray Plans, starring Lee Van Cleef 9/08/2017
American Horror Story Blu-rays and DVDs are ALREADY Being Planned for the 'Cult'! 9/08/2017
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 'Season 2' General Retail Release Appears to be Early '18 9/08/2017
Good Karma Hospital, The 'Series 1' Set for DVD and Blu-ray Disc from RLJ/Acorn 9/08/2017
One Day at a Time CONFIRMED! 'The Complete Series' DVDs in 2017 from Shout! 9/07/2017
South Park Blu-ray Package Art Now for 'Season 6' Through 'Season 11' 9/07/2017
Police Woman Are You Still Hot for Pepper? Shout! Brings 'The Complete 3rd Season'! 9/07/2017
Simon & Simon A General Release for 'Season 8: The Final Season' DVDs, as Shout! Sells it 'Wide' 9/07/2017
Daniel Boone Release for 'Season 6: The Final Season Collector's Edition' 9/07/2017
Power Rangers Jungle Fury 'The Complete Series' Gets an Individual Release on DVD 9/07/2017
One Day at a Time In-the-Works for DVD, All at Once...NOT One Season at a Time! 9/06/2017
C.S.I. 93-DVD Release for 'The Complete Series,' Including the Finale 9/06/2017
South Park Press Release: Blu-ray Sets for the First 11 Seasons of the Show! 9/06/2017
Garfield and Friends Press Release Announces 'Happy Holidays Garfield' DVD 9/05/2017
Teen Titans Go! Another Date Change for 'Season 4, Part 1: Recess Is Over' 9/05/2017
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Possible Street Date Found for 'Season 1, Part 2' 9/05/2017
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency BBC Shop to Sell 'Season 2' Late This Year! 9/01/2017
Fall, The Blu-rays, DVDs for Both 'Series 3' and 'The Complete Collection' 9/01/2017
Doc Martin 'Series 8' Scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray? You Bet! 9/01/2017
Inspector George Gently Release Date Found for 'Series 8' on DVD and Blu-ray 9/01/2017

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