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Miami Vice
Mill Creek's 'Crime Time TV' DVD Set Combines 'Vice,' 'Knight Rider,' and More!
10th Kingdom, The (mini-series)
New Blu-ray and DVD Release of the Mini-Series Will Include Digital Copies!
Walking Dead, The
Early Cover Art Shuffles In for 'The Complete 8th Season'
Martian Chronicles, The (mini-series)
Reversible Cover Art Images, New Details for Kino Lorber's DVDs and Blu-rays
Power Rangers Time Force
Package Art and Official Details for 'Super Sentai Timeranger: The Complete Series'
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News for March, 2018 - 60 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Last Ship, The Official Announcement, Early Cover Art for 'The Complete 4th Season' 3/30/2018
Last of the Summer Wine Cheers! BBC Home Entertainment is Popping the Cork on 'Vintage 2008' 3/30/2018
Heart Guy, The (AKA Doctor Doctor) DVD Release is Scheduled for 'Series 2' of the Australian Show 3/29/2018
Tunnel, The Release Date, Price Found for 'The Complete 3rd Season: Vengeance' 3/29/2018
Walking Dead, The Disc Plans are Alive and Walking for 'The Complete 8th Season' 3/28/2018
I'm Dying Up Here 'Season 1' of Showtime's Series Co-Exec-Produced by Jim Carrey 3/28/2018
Gravity Falls Shout! Factory's Surprise Press Release Announces 'The Complete Series: Collector's Edition' on DVD, Blu-ray 3/27/2018
Lucan 'The Complete Series' of the Short-Lived Series from the Late '70s 3/27/2018
Shameless Blu-ray Disc Box Cover Art and Pre-Order Links for 'The Complete 8th Season' 3/27/2018
Tom and Jerry Re-Release Announced for 'Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection' 3/27/2018
Perfect Strangers After a Redikolus 10-Year Wait, Warner Announces 'The Complete 3rd Season' 3/26/2018
Static Shock It's All Over For Static! The 4th (and Final) Season is Announced for DVD 3/26/2018
Mask, The At Last: 'The Complete 1st Season' of the Cartoon Spin-Off from the Film! 3/26/2018
Mighty Orbots, The Warner Archive Announces 'The Complete Series' of the 80s Cartoon! 3/26/2018
Highlander: The Series VEI Will Soon Bring Back 'The Complete Series' on DVD! 3/23/2018
Frankie Drake Mysteries The CBC Show's 'Season 1' is Scheduled for Canada 3/23/2018
Garfield and Friends We've Learned That PBS Slipped a New DVD Release Out, and Plans Another! 3/22/2018
Shannara Chronicles, The Paramount Provides Press Release for 'Season 2' on DVD, Blu 3/22/2018
South Park Official Studio Press Brief Brings Extras Info for 'The Complete 21st Season' ***UPDATED*** 3/21/2018
Dear White People Official Lionsgate Press Release for 'Season 1' DVDs 3/21/2018
Jackass Finalized Package Art Shows Up for the 'Complete Movie and TV Collection' 3/20/2018
Most Wanted Robert Stack and Shelly Novack in 'The Complete Series': Now Available! 3/20/2018
Californians, The 'Season 2' of the Western from the Late '50s is Now Available! 3/20/2018
Loud House, The Artwork Arrives at Amazon for 'Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder' 3/19/2018
Dark Matter Blu-rays and DVDs Announced for 'Season 3': Date, Packaging, Cost 3/19/2018
Coroner, The 'Season 2' Package Art, and a Way to Get the DVDs Earlier! 3/19/2018
Doctor Who Early Package Art Arrives, Along With a Slight Date Change, for Blu-ray of 'Tom Baker: Season 1' 3/16/2018
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retailer Rumors Say to Expect a Re-Release of 'The Complete Classic Series Collection' 3/16/2018
Broken (mini-series) DVDs for the Acclaimed 2017 BBC Miniseries Starring Sean Bean 3/16/2018
Invaders, The 'The Complete Series' of the 1967 Show Starring Roy Thinnes Lands At Last! 3/15/2018
Jericho A DVD Re-Release of 'The Complete Series' for Skeet Ulrich's 2006 Show 3/15/2018
Jackass 'Complete Movie and TV Collection' 11-DVD Set is Announced 3/15/2018
Martian Chronicles, The (mini-series) Kino Lorber Reveals a Release Date for the 1980 Miniseries on DVD and Blu-ray 3/14/2018
Pink Panther Show, The Blu-ray and DVD Street Date for 'The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection, Volume 2' 3/14/2018
Bunnicula 'Part 2' DVD Plans Cancelled, Replaced with Plans for a COMPLETE 'Season 1' Set! 3/14/2018
Haunted Blu-ray Release Planned for the Complete Short-Lived 2002 Show Starring Matthew Fox 3/13/2018
Joey Bishop Show, The 'The Complete Series' of the 1961 Sitcom is Now For Sale on DVD! 3/13/2018
Justice League Action Burst Into Action with 'Season 1, Part 2: Battles From Beyond!' 3/13/2018
South Park Blu-rays and DVDs Announced for 'The Complete 21st Season' 3/12/2018
Gunsmoke 'Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' DVD Sets Announced for 'The 13th Season' 3/12/2018
Division, The 'The Complete Collection' Starring Bonnie Bedelia, Nancy McKeon, Lisa Vidal, Jon Hamm, and Taraji P. Henson 3/12/2018
Loud House, The Nickelodeon Announces a Street Date for 'Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder' ***UPDATE: Amazon Pre-Order Link*** 3/12/2018
Site News Will Your Favorite TV Show Win? Voting Has Now Begun for the 2018 Home Media Awards! 3/12/2018
Magicians, The Universal Already Seems To Be Conjuring Up Plans for 'Season 3' 3/09/2018
Girlfriends Miranda Richardson, Zoe Wanamaker, and Phyllis Logan in 'Series 1' 3/09/2018
When Calls the Heart Shout! Selects a Schedule for 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' 3/08/2018
Ill Behaviour 'Season 1' Starring Chris Geere, Tom Riley, Jessica Regan, and Lizzy Caplan 3/08/2018
Doctor Who MUCH Sooner Release Date, Extras, More Details for 'Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season' on Blu-ray 3/07/2018
Dear White People 'Season 1' Studio Announcement: Date Pricing, Front Package Art 3/07/2018
Doctor Who An Update For You About The 'Tom Baker: Complete 1st Season' Blu-rays 3/06/2018
Suits Announcement for 'Season 7' DVDs...The Last One With Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle 3/06/2018
Bold Type, The 'Season 1' of the Freeform Show: Date, Price, Details, Packaging 3/06/2018
One Day at a Time 'Season 3' DVDs to be Sold Separately for the First Time this June 3/05/2018
Peyton Place Shout! Factory Announces 'Part 4' DVDs to Arrive This Summer 3/05/2018
Blue Planet II Official BBC Press Release For Next Tuesday's Releases on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD 3/02/2018
Silent Witness Date, Cost, Package Art and More for 'The Complete Season 5' on DVD 3/02/2018
Ackley Bridge 'Series 1' is Coming to DVD this Spring from RLJ/Acorn 3/02/2018
Freedom Fighters: The Ray Warner is Making Blu-ray/DVD Plans for the Animated Series from CW Seed! 3/01/2018
Ancient Aliens Heads-Up Info About An Upcoming '10th Anniversary Giftset' 3/01/2018
Newton's Law RLJ/Acorn's Official Press release for 'Season 1' on DVD 3/01/2018

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