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Merlin (mini-series)
The New 'The 3 Film Collection' Gathers the '98 Miniseries and Both Sequels!
Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, The (mini-series)
The 1999 Mini-Series is Getting a Re-Release, This Time with Digital Copy
Miami Vice
Mill Creek's 'Crime Time TV' DVD Set Combines 'Vice,' 'Knight Rider,' and More!
10th Kingdom, The (mini-series)
New Blu-ray and DVD Release of the Mini-Series Will Include Digital Copies!
Walking Dead, The
Early Cover Art Shuffles In for 'The Complete 8th Season'
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News for December, 2016 - 80 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Planet Earth II (mini-series) Sir David Attenborough Hosts the BBC Series on DVD, BD...and 4K UHD-BD! 12/30/2016
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency The BBC Show is Planned for DVD, Blu-ray 12/30/2016
Jack Taylor Iain Glen Returns to His Crime Drama Role in 'Set 3' on DVD 12/30/2016
Death Valley Days DVDs In-the-Works for 'The Complete 3rd Season: Collector's Edition' 12/29/2016
Animal Kingdom 'The Complete 1st Season' of TNT's Show Pushed Back on DVD, Blu-ray 12/29/2016
Brokenwood Mysteries, The Blu-rays, DVDs are Scheduled by RLJ/Acorn for 'Series 3' 12/29/2016
Wentworth 'Series 2' Announced for DVD: Street Date, Cost, Packaging, More! 12/29/2016
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess Return to DVD in 'Season 2'! 12/28/2016
Z Nation DVD Releases Scheduled for 'Season 3' and the '3 Season Collection' 12/28/2016
Master of None Aziz Ansari Stars in 'Season 1' of the Netflix Show, on DVD 12/28/2016
Level, The 'Series 1' on DVD and Blu-ray, Starring Karla Crome and Noel Clarke 12/28/2016
From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series 'The Complete Season 3' Scheduled for DVD, Blu-ray Disc 12/27/2016
Grace and Frankie Street Date, Pricing, Box Art and More for 'Season 2' 12/27/2016
Mrs. Bradley Mysteries All 5 Episodes Starring Diana Rigg, Neil Dudgeon, and Peter Davison 12/27/2016
Porridge DVDs for 'The Complete Series' of the mid-70s BBC Sitcom 12/27/2016
Gunsmoke 'The Long Ride' on DVD: Release Date, Price, Cover Art, More! 12/23/2016
Kojak Universal to Re-Release 'Season 1' DVDs...Who Loves Ya', Baby? 12/23/2016
Goldbergs, The DVD Timeframe Revealed for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 12/23/2016
227 Marla Gibbs, Jackée Harry Return to DVD in 'The Complete 1st Season' 12/22/2016
True Women (mini-series) CBS Miniseries Starring Angelina Jolie, Dana Delany, and Annabeth Gish 12/22/2016
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (mini-series) Diane Lane Stars in the 1994 CBS Mini-Series 12/22/2016
Quantum Leap Oh Boy! 'The Complete Series' DVD Re-Release...and New on Blu-ray! 12/21/2016
Hey, Vern, It's Ernest! Looking for 'The Complete Series' on DVD? It's Coming Back! 12/21/2016
Liberty's Kids 'The Complete Series: Education Edition' DVDs are Announced 12/21/2016
Adventure Time Front Box Cover Art for 'Volume 13: Islands' on DVD! 12/20/2016
Story of God with Morgan Freeman, The Press Release: 'Season 1' of National Geographic's Series 12/20/2016
Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The 'Johnny and Friends: Featuring Jerry Seinfeld' Comes to Stores 12/19/2016
Dance Moms 'Season 5, Volumes 1' and '2,' and 'Season 6, Volume 1' 12/19/2016
Sleepy Hollow Fox Issues a Formal Press Release for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 12/16/2016
Untouchables, The Date, Price, Box Art for 'The Complete Collection' ('93) on DVD! 12/16/2016
Three Rivers 'The Blu-ray Edition' is Now Available, Starring Alex O'Loughlin 12/16/2016
Dick Van Dyke Show, The 'Now...In Living Color!': DVDs and Blu-rays of 2 Fan-Favorite Episodes! 12/15/2016
Newhart Date, Cost and Package Art for 'The Complete 8th and Final Season' 12/15/2016
Power Rangers S.P.D. 5-DVD Set of 'The Complete Series' is Coming in March 12/15/2016
When Calls the Heart 'The Heart Of Faith' DVD is Coming Soon from Shout! Factory 12/15/2016
Suspects A DVD Release is Scheduled by RLJ/Acorn for 'Series 5' 12/15/2016
CHiPs DVD Street Date Gets Closer for 'The Complete 5th Season' 12/14/2016
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Revised Package Art for the First 3 Seasons of the DVD Re-Releases 12/14/2016
Amazing Race, The NOW AVAILABLE: 'The 21st Season' on DVD...and on Blu-ray Disc! 12/14/2016
Power Rangers Samurai (AKA Power Rangers Super Samurai) In-Store Re-Release for 'The Complete Samurai Season' 12/14/2016
Code, The Official Studio Release Info, With 3D Package Art, for 'Season 2' 12/14/2016
Star Trek: Voyager DVD Re-Releases Continue with 'Complete Series' and Season Sets 12/13/2016
American Dad Now Available: 'Volume 11' DVDs from Fox Home Entertainment 12/13/2016
Nashville 'The Complete 4th Season' Press Release: Date, Details, Packaging 12/13/2016
Place to Call Home, A The Incredible Australian Series Returns to DVD with 'Season 4' 12/13/2016
Dating Naked 'Season 1' Hits DVD...About 5 Months AFTER 'Season 2'! 12/13/2016
Amazing Race, The DVD and Blu-ray Plans for 'The 22nd Season,' 'The 23rd Season' 12/12/2016
Survivor Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 30: Worlds Apart' and 'Season 31: Cambodia - Second Chance' 12/12/2016
Melrose Place In-the-Works on High Def: 'The Complete Series: Blu-ray Edition' 12/12/2016
Young Lawyers, The 'The DVD Edition' of This Early '70s Show is Now Available! 12/12/2016
Quarry HBO Press Release Announces Cinemax's 'Complete 1st Season' 12/12/2016
Red Skelton Show, The Time Life to Bring Unreleased Seasons to DVD...'In Color' 12/09/2016
Broad City Bonus Material Announced for the 'Season 3' DVD Set 12/09/2016
Hap and Leonard DVDs for the First Season of Sundance TV's Series are In-the-Works 12/09/2016
Doctor Who The BBC Announces Blu-rays, DVDs for the 2016 Christmas Special 12/08/2016
CHiPs Ponch and Jon Together on the Cover of 'The Complete 5th Season' 12/08/2016
Untouchables, The VEI Reveals 'The Complete Collection' DVDs, with Both Seasons! 12/08/2016
Vice Principals HBO's Press Release, Package Art for 'The Complete 1st Season' 12/08/2016
Daniel Boone Late January Release for 'Season 3: Collector's Edition' 12/07/2016
Westerner, The 'The Complete Series: Collector's Edition' DVDs, Starring Brian Keith 12/07/2016
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Official Shout! Press Release for 'Volume 3: Be Miraculous' 12/07/2016
Doctor Who A Long List of Bonus Material for 'Story #030: The Power of the Daleks' 12/06/2016
Sherlock Street Date Seen for 'Season 4' of 'Sherlock!' 12/06/2016
Powerpuff Girls, The A Sweetheart Release for the 2016 Show's 'Volume 1' DVD 12/06/2016
Graves 'Season 1' of the EPIX Series Starring Nick Nolte and Sela Ward 12/06/2016
CHiPs 'The Complete 5th Season' DVDs are Scheduled: Date, Price, More! 12/05/2016
Doctor Who 'Story #030: The Power of the Daleks': Box Cover Art and Cost Announced! 12/05/2016
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Bonus Disc Material will Change for Shout!'s 'XXXVIII' DVDs 12/05/2016
Sleepy Hollow Fox Announcement for 'The Complete 3rd Season' DVDs 12/05/2016
Pretty Little Liars Although it's Rather Far Off, 'The Complete Series' is Being Planned! 12/05/2016
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch New-to-DVD: The 'Sabrina Down Under' Telefilm Special Event! 12/02/2016
Tarzan Now Available on DVD: All 3 Seasons of the 1991 Syndicated Series! 12/02/2016
Deep Water DVDs, Blu-rays for the 4-Part Australian Mini-Series 12/02/2016
Teen Titans Go! Package Art is Here for 'Season 3, Part 2: Get In, Pig Out' 12/02/2016
Power Rangers Dino Charge (AKA Power Rangers Dino Super Charge) DVD Release for 'The Complete Dino Charge Season' 12/02/2016
Dynasty DVD Re-Release for 'The 1st Season' from CBS/Paramount 12/01/2016
Star Trek: Enterprise First-Ever Blu-ray Disc Release of 'The Complete Series' 12/01/2016
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Set Re-Release, New 'Complete Series' 12/01/2016
Twilight Zone, The 'The Complete '80s Series' Returns to DVD from CBS/Paramount 12/01/2016
Penny Dreadful Blu-ray, DVD Releases Next Year for Showtime's 'Complete Series' 12/01/2016

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