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News for October, 2017 - 69 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
Galavant The 2015 ABC Series is Coming to DVD as 'The Complete Collection' 10/31/2017
Saving Hope Studio Issues Defective Recall for 'The Complete 5th Season' 10/31/2017
Transylvania Television 'The Very Best of Season 1' is Now on DVD! 10/31/2017
Batman/Superman Hour, The 'New Adventures' Doubled: 1966 'Superman,' 1977 'Batman' **UPDATE/CORRECTION** 10/30/2017
Midsomer Murders DVD Release Announced for 'John Barnaby's First Cases' 10/30/2017
StarTalk 'Season 4' DVDs with Neil deGrasse Tyson 10/30/2017
Survivor After 18 Months, 'Season 26: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites' is Available! 10/27/2017
Red Dwarf Release Date Change for DVDs and Blu-rays of 'XII' 10/27/2017
Acceptable Risk RLJ/Acorn Has Distributed Box Cover Art for 'Series 1' Sets 10/27/2017
Twin Peaks Official Press Release, Extras for 'A Limited Event Series' ***UPDATE: Finalized Box Art and Pre-Order Link*** 10/26/2017
Immortal, The 'The Complete Collection' DVDs of the 1970 ABC-Aired Show! 10/26/2017
Coroner, The 'Season 1' of the Show is Coming from BBC Home Entertainment 10/26/2017
Ghosted DVD Plans Are Being Scared Up for 'Season 1' of the Fox Show 10/25/2017
Doc Martin Blu-ray and DVD Package Cover Art Appears for 'Series 8' 10/25/2017
Rake 'Series 4' DVDs Are Scheduled for Release In a Few Weeks 10/25/2017
American Dad A High-Resolution Look at the 'Volume 12' DVD Packaging! 10/24/2017
Sherlock A New Image of Next Week's 'The Complete Series' on DVD, Blu-ray 10/24/2017
Chef's Life, A PBS is Frying Up a 'Season 5' DVD Release Late This Year 10/24/2017
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 'The Complete 2nd Season' Individual Release in 2018 10/23/2017
Game of Thrones New 'Complete 7th Season' Image with 'Conquest and Rebellion' Art 10/23/2017
Manhunt: Unabomber (mini-series) Lionsgate's Press Brief Reveals Bonus Material for the DVDs and Blu-rays 10/23/2017
Living Single Warner Archive Announces DVDs for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 10/20/2017
Wayans Bros., The 'The Complete 3rd Season' is Coming to DVD This Year! 10/20/2017
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (mini-series) Warner Archive's Blu-ray Release for the Reunion Miniseries 10/20/2017
Girlfriends High-Resolution 3D Package Art, and (Low!) Pricing, for 'The Complete Series' 10/19/2017
Red Skelton Show, The 'In Color: Deluxe Edition': Press Release Announces a 22-DVD Set 10/19/2017
Manhunt: Unabomber (mini-series) Blu-rays and DVDs for the Recent Discovery Channel Miniseries 10/19/2017
S.W.A.T. 'The Complete Series'...On DVD For The First Time Ever! 10/18/2017
Street Sharks Swimming Back to DVD: 'The Complete Series' from Mill Creek 10/18/2017
Horseland 'The Complete Series' is Galloping Back to DVD in 2018 10/18/2017
Jane the Virgin Blu-ray Version of 'The Complete 1st Season'...Now Available! 10/17/2017
Humans Official RLJ/Acorn Press Release for '2.0: Uncut UK Edition' 10/17/2017
Letterkenny Package Art (Front and Rear) for 'Season 1' of the Canadian Show 10/17/2017
Bill Nye, the Science Guy Disney Educational Productions Announce 98 DVD Titles Coming...TODAY! 10/16/2017
Schoolhouse Rock Over the Horizon, What Can It Be? Looks Like It's Gonna Be...7 DVDs! 10/16/2017
Girlfriends Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni Are Going to be 'Complete' on DVD! 10/16/2017
Stranger Things New Images Verify Target's BD/DVD Release of 'Season 1: Collector's Edition' ***UPDATED*** 10/13/2017
Carol Burnett Show, The Time Life's Press Release Announces 'Carol's Lost Christmas' 10/13/2017
Good Girls Revolt 'Season 1' (The Amazon Show's Only Season) is Coming to DVD 10/13/2017
Anne with an E (AKA Anne) DVDs for 'Season 1,' Based on 'Anne of Green Gables' 10/12/2017
Dr. Ken 'Season 2' DVD Set is Back on the Schedule...For This Month! 10/12/2017
Drawn Together Did You Buy 'The Complete Collection'? Have a Cast Member Call You! 10/12/2017
Strain, The Press Release and Finalized Box Art for the '4th Season' and 'Complete Series' 10/11/2017
Genius It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist to Plan DVDs for 'Season 1: Einstein' 10/11/2017
Durrells, The Official PBS Press Release for 'In Corfu: The Complete 2nd Season' 10/11/2017
Librarians, The Confirmed Date, Pricing, Box Art and Extras for 'Season 3' DVDs 10/10/2017
Gifted, The Mutant DVDs Are In-the-Works from Fox of the New Show's 'Season 1' 10/10/2017
Vampirina Disney to Release 'Vol. 1: Meet The New Girl On The Block!' 10/10/2017
Batman: The Animated Series Blu-ray Plans Revealed This Past Weekend at NY Comic Con! 10/09/2017
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Release Date for 'Super Sentai Gingaman: The Complete Series' 10/09/2017
Jackie Gleason Show, The Time Life's 'In Color' 10-DVD and 'Deluxe Collection' 25-DVD Sets 10/09/2017
Mr. Novak The 1963 Show Starring James Franciscus is Planned for DVD 10/09/2017
Archer Plans Are Being Dreamt Up for 'The Complete Season 8: Dreamland' 10/06/2017
Paper Chase, The 'Season 4: The Final Season' is on the Docket for DVD 10/06/2017
Transformers: Rescue Bots Transform and Roll out for 'Vol 14: Outdoor Adventures' 10/06/2017
Littlest Pet Shop It's Time To Make New Friends...Your 'Best Pet Friends'! 10/06/2017
Fargo Fox Home Entertainment's Formal 'Year 3' Press Release, With Extras 10/05/2017
Handmaid's Tale, The Under His Eye: We've Got Our Eyes on Plans for 'Season 1' 10/05/2017
Stranger Things 'Season 1: Collector's Edition' Blu-ray/DVD Combo Set...SOON! 10/05/2017
Drawn Together Official Studio Press Release for 'The Complete Collection' 10/04/2017
Salvation CBS/Paramount Announce DVDs: Date, Pricing, Extras, Package Art 10/04/2017
Letterkenny 'Season 1' of the Canadian Show is Scheduled for DVD 10/04/2017
American Dad 'Volume 12' MOD DVD: Release Date, Small Look at the Package 10/03/2017
Best of the West 'The Complete Series' DVD Set is NOW AVAILABLE! 10/03/2017
Outcast Official Fox Announcement for 'Season 1' Indicates It's Not Sold in Stores 10/03/2017
Finding Your Roots 'Season 4' Features ScarJo, Questlove, Bernie, Amy Schumer, Dr. Phil, Aziz, Walken, and More! 10/03/2017
This Is Us This is Real. This is In-the-Works. This is 'The Complete 2nd Season.' 10/02/2017
Empire Cookie and Lucious Roar on the Cover of 'The Complete 4th Season' 10/02/2017
Modern Family Funny News: 'The Complete 9th Season' is Already Being Planned! 10/02/2017

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