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CPO Sharkey
'Season 2,' 'Best of Season 1' and 'Mr. Warmth: The Ultimate Don Rickles TV Collection'
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
'Games Ponies Play' Press Release Prances In from Shout! Factory
Arthur & George
Blu-ray Discs and DVDs are Outlines in the Press Release from PBS
Indian Summers
PBS Press Release Announces DVDs, Blu-ray Discs this Fall
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Nickelodeon's Formal, Detailed Press Release for 'The Complete Series'
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Star Wars Rebels
The Complete 1st Season

Adventure Time
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News for August, 2015 - 101 Items

Show Name
News Title
Date Posted
CPO Sharkey 'Season 2,' 'Best of Season 1' and 'Mr. Warmth: The Ultimate Don Rickles TV Collection' 8/28/2015
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 'Games Ponies Play' Press Release Prances In from Shout! Factory 8/28/2015
Arthur & George Blu-ray Discs and DVDs are Outlines in the Press Release from PBS 8/28/2015
Indian Summers PBS Press Release Announces DVDs, Blu-ray Discs this Fall 8/28/2015
Avatar: The Last Airbender Nickelodeon's Formal, Detailed Press Release for 'The Complete Series' 8/27/2015
Nurse Jackie Blu-ray and DVD Package Art Now for 'Season 7' 8/27/2015
Downton Abbey 'Season 6' is Scheduled for DVD, Blu-ray Disc in Early 2016 8/27/2015
Ray Donovan Possible Release Date Found for 'Season 3' on Blu-ray, DVD 8/27/2015
Doctor Who Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Series 9, Pt. 1' and for 'Christmas Specials Giftset' 8/26/2015
Automan One Press Release from Shout! Factory for This Show and for 'Manimal' 8/26/2015
Manimal Shout! Factory Gives a Single Press Release for This and for 'Automan' 8/26/2015
Black Sails Ahoy! Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu 8/26/2015
Legend of Korra, The 'Complete Series' Plans are NOT for North America At This Time 8/26/2015
Spenser: For Hire 'The Complete 3rd Season' is Slated for DVD in One Week! 8/25/2015
Legend of Korra, The Early Art for an Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Release of 'The Complete Series' ***IMPORTANT UPDATE!!*** 8/25/2015
Civil War, The (mini-series) A Blu-ray Disc Debut with the '25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition' 8/25/2015
Matador Bravo! Cover Art Arrives from eOne for 'The Complete Series' 8/25/2015
Sentinel, The New Details, Release Timeframe for 'The Complete Series' 8/24/2015
Grace Under Fire VEI Reveals a Release Timeframe for 'The Complete Collection' 8/24/2015
Cannon Release Date, Details for 'The Complete Collection' on DVD! 8/24/2015
Hotel When Can Fans Check Out 'The Complete Collection' on DVD? Studio Says... 8/24/2015
Regular Show 'The Movie': Amazon Shows a DVD Release BEFORE the Broadcast Debut 8/24/2015
Bewitched Box Art and New Details for 'The Complete Series' DVD Re-Release 8/21/2015
I Dream of Jeannie New Details, Packaging for Mill Creek's 'Complete Series' 8/21/2015
Dick Van Dyke Show, The Package Art is Release for 'The Complete Remastered Series' 8/21/2015
Cosby Show, The Brief Delay for 'The Complete Series' 16-DVD Set 8/21/2015
Good Witch Cover Art is Conjured Up for 'Season 1' on DVD 8/21/2015
Getting On New Possible Street Date Found for 'Season 2' on DVD, Blu 8/21/2015
Bones Official Fox Press Brief for 'The Complete 10th Season' on DVD 8/20/2015
Modern Family We've Got Fox's 'Complete 6th Season' DVD Press Brief 8/20/2015
Sleepy Hollow Press Release for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 8/20/2015
American Horror Story Fox's Formal Press Brief for 'The Complete 4th Season: Freak Show' 8/20/2015
Homeland 'The Complete 4th Season' Press Release for DVD, Blu-ray Disc 8/20/2015
Rebel, The Shout! Factory Schedules a 'Season 2' Set 8/20/2015
Maude DVD Set for 'The Complete 3rd Season' is Scheduled for Fall 8/19/2015
WKRP in Cincinnati DVDs Announced for the Complete 4th and 'Final Season' 8/19/2015
Manimal 'The Complete Series' is Announced for DVD at Long Last! 8/19/2015
Automan Shout! Factory Announces a 4-DVD Set of 'The Complete Series' 8/19/2015
McHale's Navy 'The Complete Series' Gift Set is Shipping Out from Shout! **UPDATED** 8/19/2015
Sgt. Bilko: The Phil Silvers Show The 4th and Final Season to Get an Individual Release this Year 8/19/2015
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shout!'s Announcement for 'Super Sentai Dairanger: The Complete Series' 8/19/2015
Nathan for You Shout!'s Press Release for Comedy Central's 'Seasons 1 and 2' 8/19/2015
Doctor Who Finalized Package Art for 'Dark Water/Death In Heaven' 2-Disc Set 8/18/2015
Flash, The 3 Hero Shows Together in 'DC Comics Starter Pack: The Complete 1st Seasons' 8/18/2015
Mom New Release Date is Scheduled for 'The Complete 2nd Season' 8/18/2015
Wayward Pines Official Press Release, with Extras for the M. Night Shyamalan Series 8/18/2015
Don Matteo 'Set 11' and 'Set 12' DVDs are Coming Next Week! 8/18/2015
That '70s Show Official Studio Press Release, Package for 'The Complete Series' Blu-ray! 8/17/2015
Carol Burnett Show, The Press Release: 'Wide' Retail Versions of 'The Lost Episodes' 8/17/2015
Franklin & Bash Release Date and Pricing Found for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 8/17/2015
Extant Blu-rays and DVDs In-the-Works for 'The 2nd Season' with Halle Berry 8/17/2015
Vicious 'The Complete 2nd Season' with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi 8/17/2015
Marple 'The Julia McKenzie Collection' DVD is Coming this October! 8/14/2015
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Essie Davis Stars in 'Series 3' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc 8/14/2015
Inspector George Gently Blu-ray Disc, DVD Releases for 'Series 7' 8/14/2015
Thérèse Raquin (mini-series) The 1980 Miniseries Comes to DVD from Acorn Media 8/14/2015
Vera 'Set 5' is Scheduled for September on DVD 8/14/2015
Slap, The (mini-series) The Original Australian Version is Coming to North American DVD Soon 8/14/2015
Code, The 'Season 1' of the Australian Thriller Starring Lucy Lawless 8/14/2015
Wonder Years, The A Completely 'Wide' Wonder with 'The Complete Series' 8/13/2015
Doctor Who Pricing and Other New Info about 'Dark Water/Death In Heaven' 8/13/2015
Dick Van Dyke Show, The DVD Announcement for 'The Complete Remastered Series' 8/13/2015
Fresh Off the Boat Official Press Release, with Extras, for 'The Complete 1st Season' 8/13/2015
Impractical Jokers DVD Date, Cost, More for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 8/13/2015
Matador 'The Complete Series' of El Rey's Show on DVD and Blu-ray 8/13/2015
Star Trek 'The Complete Original Series: Remastered' DVD Release 8/12/2015
Walking Dead, The Press Release: Finalized Date, Package Art for the '5th Season Limited Edition' 8/12/2015
Shameless Blu-rays, DVD Planned for 'The Complete 5th Season' 8/12/2015
Wayward Pines Possible Release Date for the DVDs of the Hit Show 8/12/2015
Curse of Oak Island, The We've Dug Up the Dirt about 'Season 2' on DVD! 8/12/2015
Mad Men Box Art, Extras for 'The Final Season, Part 2'...And 'Complete Collection' Extras 8/11/2015
Adventure Time Date, Cost, Package Art, Extras for 'Volume 10: The Enchiridion' 8/11/2015
Haven Official eOne Press Release for 'Season 5, Vol. 1' on DVD, Blu 8/11/2015
Maison Close New Release Date, Early Cover Art Found for 'Season 2' DVDs 8/11/2015
I Love Lucy New 'Shelf-Friendly' Re-Release for 'The Complete Series' DVD Set 8/10/2015
South Park Finalized Package Art for 'The Complete 18th Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 8/10/2015
Californication David Duchovny's Hit Showtime Series Gets a 'Complete Series' Set 8/10/2015
Great American Dream Machine, The From the Early '70s...Before 'SNL,' Before 'The Daily Show!' 8/10/2015
Last Man on Earth, The Package Art Survives for 'The Complete 1st Season' 8/07/2015
Fresh Off the Boat Box Art for 'The Complete 1st Season' Has Disembarked! 8/07/2015
Party Down 'The Complete Series' on DVD: Date, Cost, Extras, Cover 8/07/2015
Saving Hope DVD Plans, Timeframe for 'The Complete 3rd Season' 8/07/2015
Zoo Blu-rays, DVDs for 'The 1st Season' of the New CBS Show 8/07/2015
That '70s Show Blu-ray 'Complete Series' Set is Scheduled by Mill Creek 8/06/2015
Little House on the Prairie WILL There Be a Blu Release for 'Season 7'? The Studio Says... 8/06/2015
Hee Haw A New 3-Disc 'Collection' with 5 New-to-Retail Classic Episodes! 8/06/2015
Death in Paradise 'Season 4' DVD Set Is Coming from BBC Home Entertainment 8/06/2015
Awkward. MTV's 'Season 4' is Now Available on DVD as an MOD Title 8/05/2015
Finding Carter When is 'Season 1' Coming Out? How About Last Week!! 8/05/2015
Candidly Nicole It's No Longer Just The Simple Life for Nicole Richie 8/05/2015
Faking It Now Available: 'Season 2, Part 1' Came Out Recently on DVD! 8/05/2015
Hit the Floor 'Season 2' is Now Available on DVD: Cost, Cover Art and More 8/05/2015
Catfish: The TV Show MTV's 'Season 3' on DVD is Now Available as an MOD 8/05/2015
Justified Press Release Announces 'The Complete Series' on DVD, Limited Edition Blu-ray 8/04/2015
Mad Men Package Art for 'The Complete Collection' on DVD, Blu-ray 8/04/2015
George Lopez The Next-to-Last Season is Scheduled with 'The Complete 5th Season' 8/04/2015
Lawman Date, Price, Cover Art for 'The Complete 2nd Season' DVDs 8/04/2015
Sleepy Hollow Extras and More for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 8/03/2015
Last Man on Earth, The 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD: Date, Cost, Extras, More! 8/03/2015
Bloodline Blu-rays, DVDs are In-the-Works for the First Season of the Netflix Show 8/03/2015
Clue Club 'The Complete Animated Series' from the Warner Archives 8/03/2015

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