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Gilligan's Planet
OFF THE ISLAND AT LAST! Warner Archive Launches 'The Complete Series' on DVD
'Season 1' (the ONLY Season) of the NBC Show Announced for DVD, Blu-ray
Movie Macabre
Elvira's 'Coffin Collection' is Coming to Get You this September!
'The Complete TV Collection: Unrated' DVD Set is Announced
Blu-ray Disc and DVD Plans for 'The Complete 4th Season' of the U.S. Show!
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The Complete Series

The Complete 6th Season
News for July, 2014 - 87 Items

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News Title
Date Posted
Gilligan's Planet OFF THE ISLAND AT LAST! Warner Archive Launches 'The Complete Series' on DVD 7/22/2014
Dracula 'Season 1' (the ONLY Season) of the NBC Show Announced for DVD, Blu-ray 7/22/2014
Movie Macabre Elvira's 'Coffin Collection' is Coming to Get You this September! 7/22/2014
Jackass 'The Complete TV Collection: Unrated' DVD Set is Announced 7/22/2014
Shameless Blu-ray Disc and DVD Plans for 'The Complete 4th Season' of the U.S. Show! 7/21/2014
Goldbergs, The Sony Officially Announces 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD! 7/21/2014
Sons of Anarchy Blu-ray Disc, DVD Plans for 'The Collector's Set' Package 7/21/2014
American Horror Story Fox's Press Release Announcing a Date, Extras for 'The Complete 3rd Season: Coven' 7/21/2014
Bronco 'The Complete 1st Season' of the Western is Coming to DVD Next Week! 7/21/2014
Dean Martin Show, The 'Wide' General Release for 'The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection' 7/21/2014
How I Met Your Mother Release Date, Extras, and Lots More for 'Season 9' and 'The Whole Story' 7/18/2014
Modern Family Release Date, Extras, and More for 'The Complete 5th Season' on DVD 7/18/2014
Newhart Shout! Factory's Press Brief for 'The Complete 4th Season' DVDs 7/18/2014
Saving Hope 'The Complete 2nd Season': Date Confirmed, Cost Revealed 7/18/2014
Ghost Hunters 'Season 9, Part 2' DVD Set: Date, Cost, Packaging, More! 7/18/2014
Batman Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na ...Bat-DATE!!! Bat-COVERS!!! Bat-PRICING!!! 7/17/2014
Courage the Cowardly Dog 'Season 2' on DVD at Last: Date, Cost, Package Art and More! 7/17/2014
Murdoch Mysteries Blu-ray Disc and DVD Releases Scheduled for 'Season 7' 7/17/2014
Afterlife BBC Home Entertainment Announces 'Series 2' for North America 7/17/2014
In the Flesh 'Season 2' Set is Scheduled for North American by the BBC 7/17/2014
Game of Thrones 'The Complete 4th Season' Press Release: Date, Art, Cost, Extras 7/16/2014
24 'The Complete Series with Live Another Day' is In-the-Works 7/16/2014
China Beach 'Wide' General Release Date for 'The Complete Collection' 7/16/2014
Pee-wee's Playhouse Official Shout! Press Release for 'The Complete Series' on Blu-ray Disc 7/16/2014
Austin & Ally 'Vol 2: Chasing the Beat' is Coming to DVD in August 7/16/2014
Highway to Heaven Even Angels Meet the End of the Road: The Fifth and Final Season 7/15/2014
Psych We Predict 'The Complete Series' DVD Set to Arrive This Fall 7/15/2014
Office, The All 9 Seasons of the Dunder Mifflin Show on DVD in 'The Complete Series' 7/15/2014
Medical Center Warner Archive Releases 'The Complete 5th Season' on DVD 7/15/2014
Bates Motel Blu-rays, DVD for Season 2: Street Date, Pricing, Bonus Material 7/15/2014
Wonder Years, The Press Release: 'The Complete Series,' 'The Wonder Years Experience,' 'SIGNATURE EDITION' 7/15/2014
Goldbergs, The Possible New DVD Date for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/14/2014
Denver, the Last Dinosaur 'The Complete Series' Front and Rear Box Art, Bonus Material 7/14/2014
Breathless PBS Press Release Announces Masterpiece Show on DVD, Blu-ray 7/14/2014
Duck Dynasty Amazonian Canucks Get the Skinny on 'Season 6' Disc Date 7/14/2014
24 'Live Another Day' on Blu-ray and DVD: Did Fox Just Reveal the Street Date? 7/11/2014
Pee-wee's Playhouse Shout! Schedules a DVD Format Set for 'Seasons 1 & 2' 7/11/2014
Annie Oakley Release Date, Cost for 'The Complete TV Series' 7/11/2014
Rick and Morty 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD, Blu-ray: Date, Cost, Extras 7/11/2014
Almighty Johnsons, The Syfy's Show is Scheduled to Descend on DVD and Blu-ray Disc 7/11/2014
Key and Peele Box Cover Art for 'Season 3' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc 7/11/2014
Mom Formal Announcement for 'The Complete 1st Season': Date, Cost, Extras, Box 7/10/2014
Heartland Entertainment One's Press Release Announces a U.S. DVD for Season 4 7/10/2014
Burning Love DVDs for 'Seasons 2 and 3' of the E! Channel's Mockumentary 7/10/2014
XIII: The Series 'Season 1' and 'Season 2' Sets: Date, Cost, Box Art 7/10/2014
Wonder Years, The 'The Complete Series': More Exciting News is Coming Soon! 7/10/2014
Now and Again CBS/Paramount's Official Press Release for 'The DVD Edition' 7/09/2014
Big Valley, The The 4th and 'Final Season' is Scheduled for DVD this Fall 7/09/2014
Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour, The DVD Version Announced for 'Platinum Collection Volume 3' 7/09/2014
Sleepy Hollow Fox's Official Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 7/09/2014
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Press Release Confirms Date, Package Art, Extras for 'Season 9' 7/09/2014
Following, The Correct Release Date for 'The Complete 2nd Season' on DVD, Blu-ray 7/09/2014
100, The Blu-ray Disc, DVD Package Art for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/09/2014
Ghost Hunters 4-DVD Set is Scheduled for 'Season 9, Part 1' 7/09/2014
WKRP in Cincinnati Not One But TWO Release Dates for 'The Complete Series' on DVD! 7/08/2014
Pee-wee's Playhouse 'The Complete Series' on Blu-ray: Packaging, and Exclusive Early Delivery 7/08/2014
Walking Dead, The Update for 'The Complete 4th Season,' Including More Box Art 7/08/2014
Power Rangers In Space 'Volume 2' DVD Set Finishes the 'Zordon' Era of the Show's Run 7/08/2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4-DVD Set of 'The Complete 1st Season: The Beginning' 7/08/2014
Childrens' Hospital Warner Archive Releases 'The Complete 5th Season' on DVD 7/08/2014
Soul Man, The 'The Complete 2nd Season' with Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash 7/08/2014
Pee-wee's Playhouse A New Date Appears for 'The Complete Series' on Blu! Is It Right? Shout! Says... ***UPDATED*** 7/07/2014
Hannibal Possible Street Date Found for 'Season 2' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc 7/07/2014
Following, The Blu-ray, DVD Versions of 'The Complete 2nd Season' are Apparently In-the-Works 7/07/2014
100, The Warner Announces 'The Complete 1st Season': Date, Cost, Extras 7/07/2014
Mom Amazon of Canada Has Early Info, Artwork for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/07/2014
Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch DVD for 'A Witch and the Werewolf: The Movie' 7/07/2014
Carol Burnett Show, The 'The Ultimate Collection' 22-DVD Set to Get a 'Wide' Retail Release! 7/03/2014
Bones Possible Release Date, Extras for 'The Complete 9th Season' 7/03/2014
Wings Mill Creek Entertainment Reveals Plans, Box Art for 'The Complete Series' 7/03/2014
Benson Re-Releases of 'The Complete Seasons 1 & 2' from Mill Creek! 7/03/2014
Soap 'The Complete Seasons 1 & 2' Will Get a DVD Re-Release Soon! 7/03/2014
What's Happening!! Mill Creek to Re-Release 'Seasons 1 & 2' on DVD 7/03/2014
Woody Woodpecker Show, The 'Halloween Favorites' DVD is Coming to Stores this Fall 7/03/2014
Hemlock Grove Press Release Announces Blu-rays, DVDs of 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/03/2014
Batman Blu-ray Disc and DVD Versions of 'The Complete Series Are Confirmed for November 7/02/2014
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 'Season 1' DVDs Announced: Date, Price, Cover Art, Extras 7/02/2014
Defiance Universal Announces 'Season 2' for DVD, Blu-ray Disc this Fall 7/02/2014
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Mariska Hargitay Dominates the Cover of 'The 15th Year' DVD Set 7/02/2014
Royal Pains Street Date, Pricing, Box Cove Art and More for 'Season 5' on DVD! 7/02/2014
Necessary Roughness A 'Wide' Release Date for 'Season 3' on DVD...Plus Cost, Box Art and More! 7/02/2014
Key and Peele 'Season 3' is Scheduled for DVD and Blu-ray Disc 7/02/2014
Homeland Official Fox Press Release for 'The Complete 3rd Season' on DVD, Blu 7/01/2014
Hell on Wheels 'The Complete 3rd Season's' Press Release from Entertainment One 7/01/2014
Marine Boy The Warner Archive is About to Release The Complete 3rd Season ***UPDATED*** 7/01/2014
See Dad Run Scott Baio Stars in 'The Complete 1st Season' on DVD 7/01/2014
Soul Man, The Press Release for Next Week's Shout! DVD for 'The Complete 1st Season' 7/01/2014

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