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Married... with Children - Are Mill Creeks Upcoming DVDs Going to Be as 'Bundyful' as Fans Hope?

YES! You'll get the complete versions of both parts of 'It's a Bundyful Life'

Posted by David Lambert
It seems like our story yesterday didn't answer everybody's questions about the upcoming Mill Creek Entertainment release of Married... with Children - Seasons 3 & 4, coming to stores on April 1st (along with individual re-release sets of the 3rd and 4th season, for those who might want to buy them separately).

So far we've passed along word that the original theme song for the show - Frank Sinatra's iconic "Love and Marriage" - will be present on each of these upcoming Mill Creek releases of Married... with Children on DVD. Further, we yesterday relayed word from the studio that 7 episodes previously offered on Sony's "Complete 4th Season" set in less-than-complete fashion (they were on the 2005 DVD set in the edited-for-syndication versions) will be offered on the upcoming Mill Creek releases as originally shown for broadcast, at their full running times.

Fans, however, said that we (and Mill Creek) missed looking into something! The show's fourth season contained an episode, "It's a Bundyful Life," which was originally shown in a special hour-long slot when Fox Network first broadcast it December 17, 1989. When Sony released it on their 2005 Complete 4th Season set, "Bundyful" was presented in two parts, and the second part was also missing a scene (one which Mill Creek tells us had Peg, Bud and Kelly making snow cones out of real snow, and using cough syrup as flavoring for the snow cones).

Mill Creek has checked with Sony, and been reassured that the episode really WAS produced as a 2-part affair, with the first part getting production code "412" and the second part getting production code "413" (see here and here, as well as here). The two parts were simply aired back-to-back during the night of their original broadcast. So they will be presented on DVD by Mill Creek that way. However, Mill Creek WILL have the FULL unedited versions of both parts for worries!

We're still waiting on the pesky package art to be finalized for these upcoming releases, so stay tuned. Our thanks to everybody who wrote. Don't forget to pre-order your copy right away!

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