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Doctor Who - Box Art for 'The Doctors Revisited: 1-4'; Plans for 'Story #033: The Moonbase'

A *SEVENTH* planned classic title for later this year, added to Amazon, plus art for one of the June titles

Posted by David Lambert
Yesterday we had a LOT of news for you about BBC Home Entertainment's plans for classic Doctor Who releases for the rest of 2013. This 50th Anniversary year for the show is full of a lot of nice upcoming items...and it seems we had overlooked one! Well, two, actually: we already updated yesterday's write-up with one item we had missed at first (Story #029: The Tenth Planet; see the bottom of the previous story for those details). Overnight one of our readers, Edward Grady Glover (thanks!), alerted us to another item up for Amazon pre-order, without a release date yet, which had gotten by us:
  • Doctor Who - Story #033: The Moonbase
      $34.98 SRP; the 4-part story first aired in early 1967, featuring the second appearance of the Cybermen...who were a bit different in appearance compared to the way they looked in The Tenth Planet! This arc starred Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor, and two of the four episodes are missing from the BBC archive. The 2004 Doctor Who DVD release called "Lost in Time" included the two available episodes (#2 and #4), plus the broadcast audio tracks for the missing episodes (#1 and #3). For this new DVD release, we expect that those soundtracks will be synced up with new animation to replace the missing video footage.
This means that there are now 7 classic Who titles without street dates available to pre-order from Amazon as of right now. Since they don't have a date on them, and haven't been formally announced by the BBC, we can only ASSUME that these are coming out before the end of this year. Keep in mind, too that the studio is also re-releasing many previous stories as new-and-improved "Special Editions," too. We often get asked "why?" about that, but it's simple: the Restoration Team have found new ways to improve the audio/video quality of titles released in the past...titles fans might have complained about the A/V quality of. Now they can re-do those much better, and almost always include new extras in the bargain. If you prefer your previous DVD releases, then nobody's going to force you to double-dip. But if you're a big fan who wants the best version of it, then these SE's are the ticket.

In yesterday's story we also had an update for you about Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited: 1-4, a June 11th release with the first group of BBC America special profiles of each Doctor, plus a story that features them (The Aztecs, Tomb of the Cyberman, Spearhead from Space, and Pyramids of Mars). The folks at BBC Home Entertainment and distributor Warner Home Video have now supplied us with the package art for that title, and we have it for you below. There's also an Amazon button link to pre-order that title, and/or the other two classic Doctor Who titles which will be in stores on that same date:

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Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited: 1-4
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