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K9 - Affirmative! John Leeson as the Tin Dog on DVD with 'The Complete Series'

Coming from Shout! Factory in May on a 4-disc set

Posted by David Lambert
    K9 follows the adventures of the robotic canine created by British writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, and first seen in the original 1978 season of Doctor Who. The show mixes live action with stunning CGI and special effects, and pits the robot dog K9 and his teenage friends against a number of human and alien adversaries. The new dog is voiced by the legendary John Leeson, who voiced the original K9 from the 1978 Doctor Who series.
This past Christmas, the Syfy channel began airing the Autralian/British-produced show based on Doctor Who's "tin dog," K-9, who was first seen in the 1977 (in the U.K.; it aired in the U.S. the following year) story "The Invisible Enemy," where the robotic pooch joined Leela as a companion to the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker). A later model of him was eventually spun off in "K-9 and Company," where he joined previous 3rd- and 4th-Doctor Companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen)...but the pilot episode didn't get picked up as an ongoing program. Both Sarah Jane and K-9 were re-introduced to Doctor Who fans in the 2006 episode "School Reunion," where the 10th Doctor ensured that Sarah would continue to have a working K-9. The episode resulted in Sladen's spin-off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, a program which lasted until her death in 2011. However, K-9 was not a regular character on the show, as he was off on an important mission almost all of the time. This was because the BBC doesn't actually hold the rights to the character: his creators Bob Baker and Dave Martin do.

Baker had sought to create a program centering around his robot dog for quite some time, and in the late '90s he teamed up with producer Paul Tams on the project. This resulted in a long period of "development hell" for the show, but eventually around 2009 everything came together...including the involvement of John Leeson, who famously voiced K-9 on Doctor Who and agreed to do so for this new production. The show debuted in the U.K. (Disney XD) and Australia (Network Ten) in April 2010, came to Canada (BBC Kids) this past fall, and - as we said - debuted in the USA on Syfy this past Christmas, where a marathon of all 26 episodes quickly came and went.

Now Shout! Factory has announced that K9 - The Complete Series is coming to DVD from them, available in stores on May 7th. The 4-disc set will be priced at $29.97, and you can pre-order it from Amazon now via the button link below. Underneath that is the package art, which shows how K-9 looks in this show following his regeneration in the first episode (note that this is supposed to be the original "Mark I" unit left in Leela's care, and not the same "Mark IV" unit which Sarah Jane had on her show). Extras, if any, haven't been revealed yet, but stay tuned and we'll let you know if we find out anything further!

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K9 - The Complete Series

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