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Beast Wars: Transformers - Shout! DVD Producer's Tweets Chirp a Beast-ly Song

A pair of Twitter posts makes it pretty clear that new DVDs are in the works

Posted by David Lambert
Following the classic '80s "G1" Transformers animated program came the 1996 series Beast Wars: Transformers, using GCI animation produced by Mainframe Entertainment (the folks behind the earlier CGI TV production, ReBoot). Tied to the continuity of the original show, Beast Wars: Transformers ran for 3 seasons and was followed up in 1999 by two seasons of Beast Machines: Transformers.

Shout! Factory has recently released DVDs of G1 Transformers, and after they picked up the rights to ReBoot there were a number of fans hoping that they would pick up the rights to Beast Wars: Transformers as well. The show was released on DVD before, from 2001-2004 by Rhino in the USA and Alliance in Canada. Those are long discontinued and hard to obtain, though, so fans who missed out have been looking for re-releases of the show. Now it appears that Shout! might have indeed negotiated with Hasbro to pick up the DVD rights to this series! A pair of Twitter posts by award-winning Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward give us the hints we need to connect those dots. Here are his tweets from earlier today; the second one from about an hour ago: Now, the list of new titles might not have included this particular show, of's possible that this one was already "on the books." Either way, it's great to know that this is in the works, and we couldn't wait to pass it along. What about Beast Machines: Transformers from Shout! as well? We honestly can't imagine that Hasbro and Shout! would negotiate for one, and not the other. We'll have to wait and see, though. Stay tuned for updates, as further developments occur! In the meantime, if you want to answer Mr. Ward's request for help, feel free to directly reply to his tweet on Twitter.

Beast Wars: Transformers (coming soon)

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Beast Wars: Transformers

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