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Night Court - Customers Report Issues with Season 4 DVDs; Title Pulled from WBshop

A/V sync issue with one episode, and incorrectly labeled discs, MAY have led to the title being temporarily withdrawn from sale

Posted by David Lambert
On September 28th Warner's WBshop/Warner Archive manufacturing-on-demand (MOD) program announced that Night Court - The Complete 4th Season was available to purchase and ship immediately, a 4-DVD set with all 22 episodes of the show. As of this past Friday, however, the listing (per the button link below) is no longer coming up at the online store for this title. What's going on?

When my personal copy of the title arrived, I immediately let Warner know about an obvious error with the disc labeling on this set: while all 22 episodes were represented on the four DVDs, the disc label art didn't have the proper list of the contents for each DVD (for example, the disc label art said that both parts one and two of "Dan's Operation" would be found on the first disc, but the second episode of that 2-parter was actually found on the second disc). The on-screen menus were correct; it was just the label art on the DVDs themselves. Nit-picky to some, but still an issue. Later on, once I found out it was a widespread problem and not just with my own copy, I related to Warner that the season debut episode "The Next Voice You Hear..." (guest starring John Astin in his first appearance as "Buddy Ryan") had an issue with the audio-video sync: depending on your playback machine, the audio and video can be mis-matched by merely a fraction of a second, or by several seconds! Some readers have additionally reported other issues, but we find these to be one-off situations unique to them, so we believe it to be a defect with their particular copy, rather than anything widespread; the only mass-reported problems are those we describe above.

Warner has not yet responded to our inquiries about exact reason the title was pulled from the WBshop, but our hope is that it is to resolve the issues named above. We also do not know what the studio plans to do for customers of the title who own defective copies, but we hope they are taking all of us into account in the process. We wish we had better, more definitive news for you at this time. However, we didn't want to continue to wait on posting something about this, since we get e-mails every day from readers who either are telling us about the defects, or else are complaining that they cannot order the set from the WBshop. We hope to follow up soon with more, so stay tuned!

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