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User Tutorials - Selecting & Deleting Shows

This tutorial will walk you through selecting a show you would buy on DVD, then deleting it from your list of selections. Please follow each step in order. You will need to be logged in to follow this tutorial.

1. Performing the search

First we must search for a TV show to be able to select it. Clicking on the "TV Show Voting" button on the left-hand navigation will bring you to the "Show Search" page, the page where all searches for TV shows are performed. The screen should look like the picture below:

note: The screen shots were done on a Macintosh with Netscape 4.7 and may look slightly different from what you see.
We can type in the name of a show, select a genre, or click on the first letter of the show name for our search. For this tutorial we'll be searching for "Family Guy", a funny animated show from 20th Century Fox. Since "Family Guy" is an animated show, select "Animation" from the Genre pulldown menu and click on the search button.

2. Viewing the results

The results page should look similar to what's below.

note: This screen shot has been resized to fit on this page.

The "Search Criteria" box at the top displays the search parameters. We searched for all titles in the animation category and 237 titles were returned. Here's a breakdown of the rest of the screen you are looking at.

Show Name - the name of the TV show.
Year - The first year the show aired.
Releases - If a show has DVD releases there will be a red X here. Clicking on it will take you to a page that displays the DVD releases.
Season Checkbox - You would click on this if you wanted the show released in season sets.
Best of Checkbox - You would click on this if you wanted the show released in best of sets.
Individual Checkbox - You would click on this if you wanted the show released with individual episodes on a disc, either one or more, random or in order.
Comments - You can add or edit comments for a show here. See the following tutorial for more information on this feature.

3. Navigating the "Show Results" page

The shows are listed in alphabetical order so we have to get to the screen with "Family Guy" on it. We can either click on "F" and only view the animation shows that begin with that letter, or we can use the "next page" arrow at the bottom of the page. The arrow looks like this:

This arrow can be found on numerous other pages on the site.

Since we need to get to the F's, clicking on the arrow doesn't make much sense. Click on the letter F in the alphabetical listings so only the shows beginning with F are displayed as shown below. Notice the Search Criteria has also changed to reflect our new selection.

note: This screen shot has been resized to fit on this page.

4. Selecting the show

We want to see "Family Guy" released in season sets so we click on the checkbox under "Season" and then click on the "Update User Selections" button at the bottom. Clicking on the button is what writes your selection to the database. If you don't click on this after making a selection then it isn't saved. If you wanted to select 5 shows on a page you could click the 5 checkboxes and then click on the button. However, if you wanted to select 5 shows on this page, and one on the next screen you would have to click the button on each screen. This is the most important step when selecting shows you want on DVD, so please don't forget it.

If you haven't done so already, click on the season checkbox for "Family Guy" and then click on the "Update User Selections" button. Your screen should now look like this:

note: This screen shot has been resized to fit on this page.

The checkbox is still checked, and now "Add" is displayed in the "Comments" column for "Family Guy". See the next tutorial for more information on this. If your screen does not display the checkbox and the "Add" link then your browser is not configured properly. You should read the FAQ for Browser settings to configure your browser properly.

5. Deleting a selection

To delete a selection you've made simply uncheck the box and click on the "Update User Selections" button. The screen will reload and both the checkbox and the text from "Comments" will be gone. Your screen should look like the one below.

note: This screen shot has been resized to fit on this page.

6. Only view shows you've selected

If you've selected a lot of shows you may forget some of them. We've created a page that will allow you to manage all the shows you've selected. If you click on "User Options", either at the top of the screen beside "logout" or on the left nav bar, you will see your screen of options. Click on "View TV Show Selections" and you're taken to a screen much like the "Show Results" page we were just looking at, but this screen only displays the shows that you have selected. You can delete shows on this screen the same way as in step 5 of the tutorial.

Now that you know how to add and delete shows you can go crazy and select all the shows you would buy on DVD.

Next Tutorial: Adding comments to shows you've selected

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