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'The Complete 1st Season' Starring Lee Horsley, Jenny Beck
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Planet Earth II
Planet Earth II

The Complete 1st Season
Thanks to...

Sure I did all the real work on the website, but there were so many people that helped in various ways. Here are some of the people I'd like to thank.

Ronald Epstein and Parker Clack - These guys run the most amazing forum I've ever been a part of. It was a post on the Home Theater Forum that gave me the idea to start this site. If it wasn't for these two guys then this site wouldn't exist. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

Mark Wilson - I consider Mark to be the Godfather of the site because it was his post on the Home Theater Forum that gave me the idea to start this. It was ironic that Mark answered my post asking for beta testers for the site so many months later.

Trevor Beck, Fraser Callin, Jamie Campbell, Megan Dodson and Mark Dubbelboer - These were my alpha testers. I subjected these poor people to so many error messages and poorly formatted pages that I'm surprised they still talk to me. They gave me suggestions that helped to form the site into what you see.

David Lambert - David was a beta tester who contributed a whole lot to the site. He made excellent suggestions, gave me lists of DVDs to add to the site and made me question some of the things I was doing here. Thanks a lot David, I'm glad I tracked you down :)

Jose Arellano, Matthew Chmiel, Kris Conrad, Michael Dueppen, Jon Kalo, Angelito Lucena, Patrick Mann, Chris Sharpe, Chris Stewart, Dirk Timmermann and Mark Wilson - My beta testers. These guys helped to flush out the bugs on the site and smooth out some of the wrinkles.

The Users - If it weren't for you guys then the site wouldn't be worth operating. The site isn't really for me, it's for you guys.

The Studios - The guys who put the stuff on DVD. Thanks for releasing so many discs; we look forward to seeing more shows on DVD.

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