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Frequently Asked Questions - Browser Info

What browsers have been tested with the site?

We've tested the site with Netscape 4.7 and Internet Explorer 5.0 on the Mac and PC. Although there are some display differences the site generally looks the same in all browsers. Internet Explorer on the Mac was a pain to deal with though. If you use a browser other than the ones listed here we don't know how the site will be displayed. Netscape 6.0 and 6.1 do not properly display the fonts on the site. you can still use that version but the layout and display will be affected.

How should my browser be configured to get the most out of this site?

If you are having problems with the site you should follow the setup instructions below to configure your browser properly. The site should work with any standard browser install.

Netscape 4.7 - Mac & PC
Under the "Edit" menu select "Preferences", then click on the "Advanced" setting. You should have "Enable Javascript" and "Enable Style Sheets" turned on. You should also have either "Accept all cookies", or "Accept only cookies that are sent back to the originating server" checked. More about cookies and how they're used on this site a little later. If you expand the arrow beside "Advanced" you'll see "Cache" listed below it. You should select either "Once per session" or "Every time" for "Page in Cache is compared to page on network".

Internet Explorer - Mac
Under the "Web Browser" setting to the left you should find "Web Content". Click on "Show Style Sheets", "Allow page to specify fonts" and "Allow page to specify colors". Under the "Receiving Files" main section to the left you'll find "Cookies". "When receiving cookies" should be set to "Never ask" or "Ask for each site".

Internet Explorer - PC
Under the "Tools" menu you will find "Internet Options"; open this and then click on the "Security Tab". You should have "Enabled" selected for "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)". If you click on the "General" tab, then click on "Settings" for "Temporary Internet Files", you should have "Check for newer versions of stored pages" set to "Every visit to the page", or "Automatically".

Cookies? Did you say cookies??

Yes, the site uses cookies and you must have them enabled in order to use the site properly. We use cookies to store information that's passed between pages, and without the cookies the information isn't passed and the site doesn't work. The information stored in the cookies does not include your personal information such as your name or email address. Most of the cookies are used by ColdFusion to store session information, that's all. No other site can read the cookies that we set, and we can't read cookie information set by other sites.

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